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The Learning Lodge is a sensory preschool designed to offer  unique, nature-based learning experiences for children by a certified teacher. 
 I offer one of the best reading programs available for early readers, as well as a math program designed to reach all types of learners.  I integrate Montessori lessons into my curriculum as well, which include sensorial and practical life lessons.
Practical life lessons are at the core of the Montessori Philosophy and include such lessons as: watering plants, setting the table, cleaning up spills, and sewing.  These lessons promote concentration and coordination, which are necessary skills for academic lessons in the classroom.  
The Learning Lodge provides  beautiful indoor and outdoor learning environments for children.  Your child will be in a safe, comfortable, and welcoming setting, as it is also my home. 
The preschool portion of my home consists of a bright, cheerful classroom, a cozy living area for reading and montessori/sensory lessons, and access to the dining room/kitchen area when we do cooking lessons, etc. 
The spacious yard, pictured above, will serve as one of the most important classrooms, as we will get the opportunity to study the nature and wildlife that can be found and observed right here in the yard, and in the small creek that flows through .  
A nearby park will also be utilized for nature walks and learning experiences.  Please consider The Learning Lodge if you value a high-quality preschool education for your chlild in the warm and comfortable setting of a home. 
Class times offered
I offer two time periods per day to chose from. 
Your child may attend the
AM class, from 8:30 to 11:30, or the
PM class from 12:00 to 3:00
 *I also offer early drop off for the AM class, and late pick up for the PM class. 
Click on the "Admissions" page for more information. 
Classes are taught Monday through Thursday.  
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