The Learning Lodge, LLC - Admissions - Billings, MT
I welcome any child who will be attending Kindergarten the following fall. If your child will be 4 years old by September 1, 2012, you may fill out an admission form for The Learning Lodge Preschool.  The program and curriculum are currently tailored for that specific age group.  My program is  4 days a week (Monday through Thursday). I follow School District 2's holiday break schedule, but will not be closed for most PIR's , or early outs.  I want to remain open as much as possible throughout the year and will provide you with my calendar upon registration. 
Note:  I am also considering adapting the PM class to be a 3 year old class if there is enough interest, so if you have a 3 year old that is toilet trained, will be three by September 1, 2012,  and you would like to enroll in preschool please do contact me and let me know your interest!!
Preschool Fees/Tuition
A one-time registration/supply fee will be charged.  It is $75 and will hold your child's spot, cover all supplies for your child for the schoolyear, and pay for a wonderful year book at the end of the school year featuring your child and his/her classmates and all of their most exciting moments throughout the year.  It also includes all field trips and experiences we will have during the school year. There will be no surprises of additional charges or extra fees for supplies or events. 
After researching other area preschools, I concluded that most of them were in a daycare setting, and most were 2 or 3 days a week, rather than 4.  Preschools in the Billings area range anywhere from $120/month to over $400/month for part-time preschool.  It is difficult to compare pricing, as most programs are not similar to what I am offering.  Therefore, I came up with an hourly fee and multiplied it by the average number of days per month I will be teaching.   I charge $5.50 an hour and will be open an average of  about 16 days per month, which ends of being  about 48 hours per month that I will have your child. 
The monthly fee will be $260.  This can be paid in bi-weekly installments if it is better for your family ($130 every two weeks).  Tuition is due the first week of every month.  Because I have monthly financial obligations, a late fee will be added  if tuition is not paid during the first week.  Thank you for your understanding. 
Additional Services offered
Early care for AM group: 7:30 am drop-off- additional $5.00/day
Late care for PM group: 4:00 pm pick-up- additional $5.00/day
Nutritious daily snack: Included
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